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Asbury Park Firehouse

Type: Municipal Firestation

Location: Asbury Park, New Jersey

Client:  City of Asbury Park

Size: Approximately 31,000 sq. ft.

Completed:  In Progress

A new 32,000 square foot headquarters will replace the original headquarters, dedicated in 1904. The new headquarters has been designed with an emphasis on longevity. Materials have been selected and properly detailed with this in mind. Further reinforcing this emphasis on longevity, the building will
incorporate sustainable design features such as LED energy efficient lighting rooftop photovoltaic panels.


The first floor contains all administrative uses and a four-story training tower. Both are located adjacent to the eight-bay apparatus area. The second floor contains all residential uses including dorms, a full kitchen, dining room and day room.  Priority has been placed on efficient use of space, quick response time, and creating a comfortable living
environment for all crew members.

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